Just calling the PEOPLE responsible IAG, the LAWYERS or the INVESTIGATORS leaves them as faceless identities. On this page we name the CRIMINALS involved and give brief detail what they have done.

In the Courts of New Zealand, you cannot accuse someone of LYING, you have to be polite and suggest they misled the Court! Here however, is not a Court, the following people are criminals, crooks that acted against us to allow IAG to decline the valid claims – most of them are PAID LIARS! Highly skilled PROFESSIONAL LIARS hired and instructed by IAG.

I guess we will never know which IAG executive actually decided to avoid our claims at any cost,
but as they say the person who must take the responsibility is always the CEO.
They have been copied into the email publicity for many years and knew what was happening in our case.
They did NOTHING to stop it and that condemns them.

Jacki Johnson, who has now left IAG – was CEO in 2011 -2015, Craig Olsen took over in 2015
and Amanda Whiting took over from Craig Olson in July 2021
so she may be unaware of any of this – we will wait to see if she
reacts to the atrocities undertaken in behalf of IAG NZ.
The Lawyers

Chris Hlavac, a partner at Young Hunter Lawyers, he was the original main player in our case.
He appointed and instructed the investigators. He had DC Dawson unlawfully arrest me for arson to avoid filing a defence on the first civil case and was heavily involved in the rewriting of the original evidence against me to circumvent the issue that arose at the Police interview – another total pack of lies created by a MASTER LIAR!
He created fictional evidence, wrote reports, got involved in the BANKRUPTCY case supplying data illegally to ASB who used it to influence Associate Judge Doogue, got NZ Immigration involved working to get us deported and handled our case until 2016.
After that Peter Leman and associate Brad Cuff of DLA Piper took over the case.
Hlavac almost certainly created the ALTERNATE REALITY model where the NZ Police dropped the charges against me rather than IAG having to accept that I had been acquitted of the arson charges and the hearing had established my solid alibi.
I reported his LIES to the NZ Law Society, he handed our case over to DLA Piper lawyers.
Partner Peter Leman and associate Brad Cuff who has now left DLA Piper to become a sole barrister,
took over our case
Brad Cuff and ex Piper lawyer Craig Stevens of Lawdogs NZ, represented IAG opposing our S119 application in front of Justice Simon Moore in 2016. Now lying as a profession is part of the lawyers toolkit in NZ but barefaced lying to a HIGH COURT JUDGE is really taking a massive risk, particularly when he writes down the lies, word for word, in his Judgment!
Stevens introduced the ALTERNATE REALITY theory to Moore J and further omitted stating that I had been acquitted of the arson charges. Then they pushed IAG’s opinion that the circumstantial evidence was strong but this, they knew, had never been tested in the Courts and was largely falsified, it was also irrelevant when I had a solid alibi having been proven tot have had no opportunity to cause the fire from 400Km distant..
Stevens then went on to attack the Killara Trust stating the Company records show this was the case when they clearly show the involvement of FM Trustees 419 Limited, the Trustees of the Killara Trust.
Being the ex Managing Partner of DLA¬†and a Board Member of their Australiasian branch doesn’t really give one permission to deliberately and vindictively LIE in such a barefaced manner to a HIGH COURT JUDGE!
Peter Leman and Brad Cuff of DLA Piper
In 2017 wrote to us stating the reasons IAG would not meet our claims, firstly that IAG still stood behind the declination letters – I had committed the arson! Rubbish of course, I had been acquitted and had been proven tot have had no opportunity to cause the fire based on records on the PC. Those records would stand equally in the Civil Court and with no opportunity any amount true or false of circumstantial evidence would make no difference at all.
They then pointed at the Bankruptcy but IAG had interfered in that case, supplying false information to Doogue AJ which seriously influenced his decision to adjudicate. Finally, and amazingly they referred to the Judgment of Moore J in the S119 case to which they had lied wildly, firstly the ALTERNATE REALITY Model and then that I caused the fire by remote ignition which had been proven never to have happened.
Tha same issue once more, you tell a lie many times and in your head it becomes the truth but it is a MASSIVE LIE. The entire letter is 100% false with the possible exception of the date it was written!
Nicholas Till QC
The more important the lie, the more prestigious the lawyer! Nicholas Till QC was apparently asked to clear up an important issue I raised in my complaint to the LCRO about Chris Hlavac!
One of the problems with telling lies so routinely is that after a while it is easy to forget what is a lie and what was the truth. Hlavac had stated in his defence to the complaint that the charges against me had been dropped by the NZ Police, the ALTERNATE REALITY model.
Till states quite incredibly that this was an error picked up from the judgment by Moore J in our s119 case,
but that information was supplied to Moore J by the DLA team of lawyers working for IAG.
The ALTERNATE REALITY model was used by IAG to rekindle the Blackmail case against me months earlier,
since it bypassed Justice Heath’s link to the arson verdict, a withdrawal leaving the case unresolved.
Remarkably, the NZ Press reporting on the Blackmail case had quoted the
ALTERNATE REALITY model many months before it was used by DLA on
behalf of IAG to scupper our S119 application.

DC Dawson acted on the instructions of Chris Hlavac even showing me the complaints he had received from Hlavac in the blackmail case. His illegal exploits are well covered on other pages of the website so I will not repeat them here.


As with DC Dawson the actions of Maurice Fletcher, Russell Joseph and Martin Jorgensen have been well recorded here. The Criminal Risks Limited company operated by Joseph and workplace of Jorgensen along with all links to it has vanished off the internet recently. I can only hope they are all in Serco prison enjoying the hospitality due to their actions in another case but I suspect they are just hiding away in a dark space somewhere!