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Here we identify the Investigators and Lawyers involved in the case. Basically they were all hired assassins that did not respect the law or the principle of acting in GOOD faith – their only purpose was to allow IAG to decline the claims and avoid making any payment.

1 Maurice Fletcher – PINZ North Limited, a private investigator. Background was NZ Police in Kerikeri, there are no details of why he left the Police force.

Fletcher conducted the initial inspection of the destroyed property on behalf of IAG, he found little and quickly called in a ‘specialist’ Russell Joseph from Wellington to take over the site investigation whilst he investigated the insured.

2 Russell JosephCorporate Risks Limited, an EX Police officer. Like most of these ‘EXPERTS’ he has little actual knowledge or training in fire investigation, no scientific training, no actual qualifications. He would not meet the current requirements defined by NFPA 1033, Standard for Professional Requirements for Fire Investigator.

He now runs a company, Corporate Risks Limited in Wellington NZ servicing IAG and other insurance companies. They supply the false evidence required for them to DENY claims. He accepts the DIRTY money of IAG and in this case stood in Court spouting some of the most outrageous lies that any NZ Court has ever heard, all to a Judge nodding and accepting every word! 
3 Martin Jorgensen – Corporate Risks Limited
Russell Joseph’s ‘Computer Expert.’ As an ‘expert he remarkably didn’t know the format for an IP address, how file sharing operates in web mail systems or even to understand how key software, LogMeIn, worked as detailed in its Operators Manual.

Jorgensen only knows how to spout ‘technobabble’ attempting to baffle the Judge and confuse the issue to IAG’s endless advantage. When the defence introduced a real computer expert to the Court, Jorgensen had to attempt to produce real evidence. There was none, but he tried to introduce a falsified document which was quickly revealed as false. Remarkably, having been caught doing this criminal act the Judge failed to censure him. The power of IAG reaches deep into the legal system of NZ.
4 These investigators did not work alone however, a key aspect to this case was the close co-operation with them offered by Case Officer, DC William ‘Bill’ Dawson, he allowed the evidence reports to be changed in his case files without the old reports remaining in place along with many other irregularities.

The interception of the disclosure at Whangarei Police Station and the editing of the Police Interview Video must have required the knowledge and assistance from higher ranked officers in the Northland Police force.

IAG however, offer a safety net to ‘paid’ Police officers who eventually are dismissed from the Police force due to irregularities including their affiliations to IAG. DC Dawson who had been promoted to DS, is now a PRIVATE investigator closely working with Maurice Fletcher as a Director of PINZ Far North Limited and of PINZ Northland Limited, their main client is IAG!

IAG employs some of the top law firms in Australia and New Zealand to deal with these claims. In this case, the following lawyers enacted and supported the DELAY, DENY, DEFEND strategy against the insured.

These are the lawyers that are happy to sell their souls, lie to the Courts and do ANYTHING demanded of them by IAG in return for very high levels of remuneration and commission from IAG.

Chris Hlavac

Partner at Young Hunter lawyers, Auckland and Christchurch.

He appointed the ‘Independent experts,’ Joseph, Jorgensen and Fletcher who reported back and addressed all their reports to him and had a close working relationship with DC Dawson.

Chris Hlavac was clearly involved with the alterations to the case attempting to frame the insured. All the reports that were edited, along with the Police interview transcript and video edited must have been completed under his direct control.

He also generated the Blackmail case against the insured, again working closely with DC Dawson.

With Hlavac’s deceptions being exposed in the Courts IAG eventually changed to a new law firm to take over this case, DLA Piper NZ‘s, partner, Peter Leman, above right and associate, left, Brad Cuff were appointed.

Lawyers however, are consummate LIARS, it goes with the job description but they are also basically DISHONEST with themselves.

Lies they have told many, many times become the TRUTH in their memory.

Hlavac clearly briefed and supplied piles of documents to Cuff and Leman and many of HIS FALSE TRUTHS were carried over.

A barrister, Craig Stevens with an aptly named website, LawDogs.co.nz was employed for a hearing in front of Justice Moore.

He just repeated the lies originating from Hlavac verbatim, possibly he didn’t check but he seriously and probably deliberately mislead Justice Moore.

Stevens also acted, on IAG’s behalf, attempting, with some success, to prevent the insured attaining the Legal Aid they deserved to fight IAG. Endless communications with their case officer took place, based, once more, on misrepresented facts, lawyer speak for LIES!.

One lie, in particular, is highly damaging to IAG’s position. Stevens repeated the claims made by IAG in 2016 that the Arson charges against Chris had been WITHDRAWN by the Police, a vastly different claim to the reality of Chris’s Acquittal of the Arson charges.

Justice Moore based his argument and Judgment around the fact that Chris had committed the Arson due to this deception. Whilst in fact, Chris had been acquitted since IAG had failed to produce any REAL evidence to show he had any opportunity to cause the fire!

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