The Printer Forum posts and the email exchange with Andrew Hooker, days after the Police interview, show that the original Remote Ignition system was based on the HP fire publicity. The accusation was that the printer had been hacked by Chris in such a way that it burst into flames when an email was sent, the email then automatically printed and the hack caused the printer to ignite the paper and set the house on fire.

That system really was technically quite elegant, enough to get loads of publicity for the guys at Columbia University in November 2011 but it was shown by HP that it couldn’t work with their laser printers which had a mechanical thermal cut out and was impossible with any ink jet printer due to them having no heat source to cause a fire and no user programmable memory to be hacked. Chris had picked these points up immediately at the interview and his comments there when backed up by HP’s rebuttal destroyed the ‘Hacking’ version of the Remote Ignition device.

At this point IAG’s investigators had major problems, without Remote Ignition there was no way to link Chris to causing the fire from 400Km distant. Joseph had failed to find anything in the fire debris. The remains had all been cleared prior to Chris being arrested so they couldn’t create new evidence about that. All they had was the remains of a printer found in the library debris, and that wasn’t genuine but they believed that nobody would ever know.

Lawyer, Chris Hlavac was in charge of the investigation with the investigators reporting back to him. Together they had to come up with some way to save IAG from meeting the insurance claims. They also had committed a serious crime by having Chris wrongfully arrested to gain IAG a financial advantage which could lead to a massive claim in addition for damages. Something had to be done and very quickly!

All the above must have happened very rapidly, if they were going to change all the evidence it had to be agreed before Chris collected the existing disclosure of the evidence relating to ‘Hacking’ from Hamilton Police Station after his e5initial court hearing. It is likely that one of the investigators was at Thames Police station at the time of the interview and that DC Dawson consulted him causing the long period when Chris was left alone in the interview room.

What they did was incredible, it would have needed assistance from the NZ Police and I imagine approval by the IAG management since, if revealed, it could cause serious damage to the company.

With the assistance of the NZ Police, the disclosure documents were intercepted at Hamilton Police station. I do not believe that DC Dawson could just have walked in and removed them. Somebody sorted and created the small file of documents given to him by the senior officer Chris complained to. He didn’t seem concerned by the event showing it was either ‘Normal’ for evidence to intercepted like this or he was aware of what was actually happening.

Eventually, they came up with an idea! They would replace the ‘Hacking’ theory of Remote Ignition with a mechanical system, the ‘Trigger’ theory as detailed on the Claim denied page. Naturally, they were unaware that Chris had inadvertently created evidence that the ‘Hacking’ theory was the reason for his arrest in his forum posts and email exchange.

There were major problems here, there was no physical evidence for either theory but the hacking had far more substance that would be sensible to a jury, they had references to printer chips, hacking tools and more technical smoke screen could easily be created. Changing to the Trigger theory they had nothing, they could claim everything was destroyed but it wasn’t convincing.

They also couldn’t see any route to evolve the evidence from Hacking to Trigger without it appearing as a FRAME, the evidence being adjusted to fit Chris’s statements at the interview. Not surprising since this is exactly what they were doing!

Time was limited, the disclosure had to be made within a sensible timeframe, the defence would be sure to make an application for dismissal if the delay was too long and a vast amount of work had to be done.

All the reports of the investigators would need to be rewritten, all the references to hacking would have to be removed and replaced with trigger relevant material.

Most difficult would be the DVD record of the Police Interview, it would take weeks for it to be studied and then all references to hacking removed without being clearly obvious. Luckily, the NZ Police or Crown Law have the facility to do this in a limited way, often sections of an interview are removed with permission of the Judge if the video is to be shown to the Jury and the removed section could cause issues.

New reports were produced and backdated to those of the original reports. Joseph appears to have had no problem with that process but Jorgensen may have had reservations. His replacement Computer Forensics report is dated after the Police interview on 15 May 2012 whilst DC Dawson is seen referring to the document at the interview.

The TRIGGER theory of the Remote Ignition system, VERSION 2 was created.

You may say all the above is just guess work, opinion or assumption as to what happened but there is EVIDENCE!

The problem with lying is that as lies get exposed it is tempting to use a bigger lie to cover it up, this is fine at first but when the scale of the lies gets as big as what IAG were attempting here it is impossible to make all the pieces line up and these errors actually reveal the entire pack of lies!

Firstly we repeat the Police interview section where DC Dawson is referring to the Computer Forensics report by Martin Jorgensen.

DC Bill Dawson
Dawson refers to Jorgensen’s Computer Forensic Report

Compare that to the four covers of the disclosed reports:-

None of the reports has the image of three hard drives on the cover and Jorgensen’s only Computer Forensics Report is dated a month AFTER the interview so what happened to the report in the video?

The transcript to the Police interview was one of the last pieces of evidence to be disclosed, it contains the detailed references to pages and paragraphs DC Dawson showed to Chris during the interview.

Dawson refers to Page 18 of ‘Martin’s Computer Forensic Report’ on lines 2076 -77. In the only disclosed Computer Forensic Report Page 18 does exist but it is the final page of the report and only has the signoff and Jorgensen’s signature. There is no reference to searches.

The previous page, 17 also has no section 7 at all, the report stops at section 5.4.

Again, Dawson is referring to section 17 but the only report has no section 7 at all, the report stops at section 5.4.

Here we have bits of the hacking theory, the printer is the source of the fire not a trigger. Lines 2279-2282 have been doctored, this section was a question about the hacking, no question now but Chris answered the none question ‘Yep’
Loads of ‘um’ and Chris talks about printer cartridge chips which were supposedly related to the hacking.

The DVD system clock had been out by 1 hour from the start of the interview and this caused issues whenever there was an interruption, the time had to be agreed and noted to be 1 hour out. However, when the DVD ran out and restarted was more complicated but the transcript doesn’t record a time of the restart at all, the interview continued uninterrupted.

DVD interviews have a time stamp on every frame, in reality it is an overlay on the master disk set that copies combined onto the defendant’s copy as a stamp. This prevents the defendant editing the video but the master copy can still be edited and the new time overlay applied. The problem being that if the video has had frames removed the time stamp will be early compared to the spoken times on the recording, if the times are missing on the video and on the transcript then it shows the video has been edited to remove this cross check.

IAG needed access to the Master set of the videos if they organised the edit but it is easier to presume that the edit was done by the Police or Crown Law.

DVD sets including ones made by the Police Force have a standard format, if the video runs to multiple disks this standard expects the full disks of the set to contain 4, exactly 1Gb video files and some smaller files for indexing, time and other extras on the 4.7Gb capacity DVD.

The full DVD 1 of the 2 disk set for the interview has the following files structure

There are 4 video files, 3 exactly 1Gb (Shown in Decimal, not hex) the 4th file should also be 1Gb, (1,048,544Kb) but is only 834,766Kb showing a total of 213,788Kb of video data has been cut out of the video. This equates approximately to 6 minutes of video run time removed.

Overall, we know the Police interview related to hacking and the Remote Ignition theory based on the printer being hacked, the three large files of evidence given to Chris by Dawson after the interview contained all the evidence that supported this theory.

It is blatantly clear that the ‘hacking’ theory was dumped due to Chris’s statements at the interview which effectively destroyed it. Then IAG CREATED the ‘Trigger theory’ and all the evidence that supports it out of thin air! There can be no basis for this evidence.

In their attempt to totally replace hacking with trigger they intercepted the disclosure at Hamilton Police station, replaced all the reports and except the Computer Forensics Report by Jorgensen and backdated them to the original report dates and edited the Police video evidence. Much of this required the active assistance of the NZ Police or Crown Law or both.

IAG made several fatal errors in their attempt to FRAME Chris for the crime of arson.

These can be seen above and they expose IAG’s illegal actions. IAG also needed to cover up the fact that he was originally arrested, not due to the evidence they held but, but a need to stop the High Court case of Andrew Hooker and to save IAG from being forced by the Court to meet the insurance claim.

One thought on “Framed

  1. Hello, I cannot believe the change of evidence took place but the details you give make it apparent that this happened.

    The email to the lawyer and the printer forum posts could not have anticipated the change of allegation so the hacking system was replaced with the cobbled up trigger theory and the reports and police interview evidence edited to eliminate any mention of hacking.

    Stunning! Totally illegal and in itself disasterous to IAG’s case against Chris Robinson.

    What I don’t understand is how it could be done, a Judge or Crown Law should have approved his arrest based on the hacking evidence and would have to have been a party to the swap!

    The Police would have held the master DVD’s so how was the editing done, with assistance from the NZ Police?

    I await the reaction of IAG, I realize this is a new website, it will be fascinating to see what happens.

    You may be fighting more than IAG – they seem to have assistance from others

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