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I have been requested to give more detail about how we can show Russell Joseph and Maurice Fletcher, evidence planted the remains of the printer in the library. I do so willingly and very simply by comparing the evidence Russell Joseph gave to the pre-trial in April and August 2013 to the images of the fire scene taken in 2011 by the fire service and Russell Joseph himself.

The CLAIM of finding the printer.

IMG_4393 by RJ on 12 December 2011.

This is the image of the remains of the printer claimed to have been found by Joseph and Fletcher. It appears to be in a dry area of debris, it was pouring with rain when this work was done. There is a visible depression from where the beam was lifted, the remains are upside down, not pressed into the debris as one would expect if a seriously heavy beam had fallen on top of it and the remains of any cable that powered it is not visible.


Let’s look at the evidence Joseph gave to the Court – 15 April 2013 and lower down on the 18 August 2013.

IMG_4477 and 4478

The first printer, shown top of image still has the melted plastic case and even some paper visible, it is in a similar condition to the other items, PC etc recovered from the remains of the office. The lower printer is the one claimed to have been located in the library.

To make the images easier to locate in the library I firstly show an image of the western end wall frame that survived the fire.

The earliest images of the library after the fire were taken by the fire service, on 10 September 2011 whilst the debris was still hot, seen below. The area under the western end of the beam beam is clear of the debris, there is a small pile of debris to the left of the beam created by an excavation by the fire service but the debris is well left and nowhere near as high as the beam.

Strange isn’t it that the Fire Service images do not show the debris under the beam immediately after the fire!

Joseph effectively states that the debris was there but it couldn’t be seen since it was only visible from a different angle! I therefore show images taken from different angles!

Image IMG_1185 is taken from right of the beam whilst IMG_1332 was taken from the other side by Russell Joseph on 14 and 15 September 2011. You can see clearly under the beam to objects on the other side on both images. There is no pile of debris that the beam, close to the wall frame, is resting on close to the wall frame.

Now let’s look at where the pile of debris came from. It only appears on Russell Josephs images taken after he excavated the front section of the library on 8 November 2011.

A large area of the library has been cleared down to bare concrete, the cleared debris is seen piled under the beam and all around the area. Joseph found nothing of interest at all here or anywhere else in the fire scene.

The dry depression matches the position the beam laid in prior to removal but the debris pile was not there until created by the excavation by Joseph on 8 November 2011.

The printer remains are clearly a long way off the floor of the library, not close to the floor as logic demands if it was in the library before the fire and as stated under oath by Russell Joseph at the pre-trial.

Russell Joseph had failed to find any component of an ignition device, he hadn’t established that the library contained the Point of Ignition and the Remote ignition theory needed some real evidence to give it some credibility.


The printer remains were dropped onto the top of the debris pile by Fletcher and Joseph, they could not have been there prior, they were not pressed flush with the debris layer by the heavy beam and were upside down.

Russell Joseph effectively caught them both ‘RED HANDED’ planting false evidence at the fire scene by taking the photographs on the 12 December 2011. His misleading evidence given at the pre-trial was accepted almost without question by McDonald J.

Perjury is a way of life for IAG and their investigators – ‘Yes, the beams been lifted it has revealed the printer!’ is a classic example of their bare faced skills!

See more examples of their illegal actions on IAG NZ – Bad Faith

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