Crime Report

Crime Report – Chris got some voluntary Pro Bono Legal Support to put together a detailed Crime Report to present to the NZ Police.

Presented to Kerikeri Police by Bill Gillanders on behalf of Chris

Verbal Reply only by Senior Sergeant Peter Robinson who stated that ‘the charges against Chris had been withdrawn due to lack of evidence and he, along with the NZ Police, still believed that Chris had committed arson so he could not action the complaints in the Crime Report.’

As with IAG, the NZ Police refuse to accept that I was acquitted of the Arson charges on 1 May 2015. The website defines an acquittal as ‘This is a judgment that a defendant is not guilty of a crime or charges as charged.’

The IAG position leaves the case unresolved and they use this view to continue maintaining that I am guilty of Arson, the acquittal is a statement from the Court that I was NOT Guilty of Arson and that leaves IAG in an impossible position.

I have included Senior Sergeant Peter Robinson in my complaint to the IPCA due to these comments which suggest he is working directly on behalf of IAG.

Further correspondence with Senior Sergeant Peter Robinson and progress of the Crime Report will be posted here as it happens.

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