Index of Correspondence by Chris to various bodies in relation to this case and the replies received: –

1 Crime Report – 1 January 2021

A detailed report on the Crimes committed by IAG in this case submitted to the NZ Police.

Chris got some voluntary Pro Bono Legal Support to put together a detailed Crime Report to present to the NZ Police.

Presented to Kerikeri Police by Bill Gillanders on behalf of Chris

2 Justice in New Zealand? 14 April 2021

This document outlines the actions of the investigators, NZ Police and the Judiciary in relation to this case.

It was sent to the Prime Minister, Minister for the Police and several other Government ministers.

They all acknowledged receipt and passed it onto the Minister of Police, Hon Poto Williams.

3 Complaint to the IPCA – 8 August 2021

I made a detailed complaint to the Independent Police Conduct Authority of New Zealand (IPCA) relating to the conduct of DC William Dawson.

Following the replies by Senior Sergeant Peter Robinson and Detective Inspector Dene Begbie I included them in my complaint to the IPCA due to these comments which suggest they too are working directly on behalf of IAG.

One thought on “Correspondence

  1. Brilliant idea, publish the lies as they occur.

    Loads of cops in NZ are bent and take cash from all manner of people who want to benefit, drugs business could be wiped out easily here but cops make a massive profit from it in backhanders.

    This Detective Inspector Begbie is in deep shit, he cannot explain how the interview was edited, he can’t deny it was and either way the Police must have done it to stitch you up to please IAG!

    I think you can get serious compensation from the Police – search for NZ Bill of Rights Act liability.

    May not get the payment out of IAG but a serious payment for the actions the Police have taken.

    Good luck.

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