Alibi and Acquittal.

The Remote Ignition theory had been destroyed by the PC evidence, relating to the absence of a PRINT COMMAND, discovered due to Jorgensen introducing a falsified document which led to establishing that Chris had a solid alibi.

The prosecution barrister agreed that without Remote Ignition there was no case against Chris. The evidence was based entirely on PC records, it is not disputable, there was no REMOTE IGNITION involved in causing the fire and he was 400Km away.

It had previously been established that there was no evidence at all in the fire scene to link Chris to the fire.

The prosecution did not appeal, it was a rock solid case, the evidence would be identical in the Civil Court – there was no connection between Chris and the fire and there was NO other evidence except for circumstantial stuff produced by IAG in an attempt to incriminate him but most would not stand any scrutiny. It was all irrelevant since with no opportunity it didn’t matter what they thought was critical evidence they couldn’t link him to the fire.

Chris therefore had a perfect ALIBI,
he had no opportunity to cause the fire!

Chris was acquitted of the Arson charges and told the blackmail charges would fall way since Judge Heath had linked the two cases.

IAG were faced with a major issue here, Chris had been arrested on 17 April 2012, over three years early and days before IAG had to file a defence against Andrew Hooker’s High Court case for repudiation that had been sidestepped due to Chris’s arrest for arson. Now it had been shown that there was never any real evidence against him and left them open to accusations of ‘Conspiring to bring false accusation.’

What they did next is utterly incredible!

Unable to accept that Chris had a perfect ALIBI having no opportunity to cause the fire based on the records from the recovered PC hard drive IAG performed an action more expected by DOCTOR WHO than an insurance company!

They created an ALTERNATIVE REALITY, just ignored the fact that Chris had been acquitted of the Arson charges and had a perfect alibi that would apply equally well in any court, Criminal or Civil.

In this new reality, the Arson charges were WITHDRAWN by the NZ Police!

How they used this DECEPTION is amazing, firstly they sidestepped the legal link between the Arson case and the Blackmail case. That case should have been dismissed as detailed on the Blackmail page by Judge Paul Heath within days of Chris’s acquittal but in some almost magical way, the alternate reality was accepted by the High Court as what actually happened.

It was reported in the Northern Advocate newspaper on 6 June 2016:-

And in a another article, they printed a more elaborate version : –

It sounds quite impossible but in 2017, Justice Moore gave a ruling in another hearing where Chris and Alison applied to get back the rights to the legal cases and the insurance claims.

In Justice Moore’s Judgment he stated: –

Judgement of Justice Moore 20 December 2016

Here Justice Moore in Paragraph 44 above, quotes the alternate reality in his Judgement.

Judgement of Justice Moore 20 December 2016

He goes on to state that Chris, on balance of probability caused the fire ignoring the evidence revealed in the hearing he referred to in his paragraph 43 above which established the Chris had no opportunity to cause the fire, that evidence based on PC records would apply equally in the Civil Court to the Criminal one.

He had been seriously misled by evidence presented to him on behalf of IAG by Brad Cuff and Peter Leman of DLA Piper lawyers.

They would later use the Judgement of Justice Moore based on the alternate reality to attempt to close the claims of Chris against IAG on 26 May 2017.

It is incredible what you can do as lawyers in New Zealand when you are happy to mislead a High Court Judge in such a barefaced way!

IAG continue to rely on Chris causing the fire by REMOTE IGNITION as detailed in the letters of 3 May 2013 and 22 June 2013 even when the Court based on evidence of their own Computer Expert had proved that it never happened!

2 thoughts on “Alibi and Acquittal.

  1. I enjoyed studying this website, congratulations it lays the position out very clearly.

    I reply directly to Chris Robinson hoping he finds this of assistance.

    Legally, IAG have conspired with their investigators and several lawyers to defraud you by not meeting your insurance claims.

    Once you were acquitted of the arson, which incidentally, as you state above, established your alibi, IAG got into serious trouble.

    They undoubtedly misled several Courts in their attempt to remove your rights to the claims, the S119(2) application hearing really is the crux, I feel.

    Justice Moore was one of the least experienced Judges in 2016 but he was not at any fault. IAG’s lawyers played on the Judges previous experiences when most of the time it is IAG trying to fight off spurious claims in the courts which prejudice the Judges opinion in favour of IAG. They supplied a lot of evidence, as you recalled, and that was Judge Moore’s only real reference material on which to base his decision.

    The paragraph’s you identify show the scale of the deception they achieved by their submissions. Judge Moore accepted, without real basis, that the charges were withdrawn leaving the balance of probability that you committed the arson by remote ignition.

    The actual evidence proved that this was impossible, you were acquitted and had no opportunity to cause the fire.

    Would the lawyers IAG employed take the enormous risk involved in a deliberate deception such as this is? In my opinion, that is a key question.

    It is more likely that they were presented with the evidence submissions by IAG with the deceptions built in and then used them as a genuine statement of the case without verifying all the evidence. It matters little but it does leave Pipers DLA’s Cuff and Leman in very precarious positions.

    You do not present any evidence that IAG, through ASB, also misled the bankruptcy, you may be able to obtain it but if they were happy to commit so strongly in the S119(2) case then it is entirely believable and likely that they would have also have done so in the bankruptcy.

    In my opinion the DLA Piper letter that attempts to sign off on the claims against IAG actually does the reverse, IAG through their lawyers misled the judges in the S119(2) and by that precedent the bankruptcy case so those obstacles to meeting the claims would not bear examination.

    Their second paragraph is really just a refusal to accept the acquittal and the alibi that the hearing established. In any court, criminal or civil you cannot just rely on an unsubstantiated theory to validate your position. Their own computer expert introduced the evidence that proved you had no opportunity and they cannot, at a later time, just ignore that and repudiate the claims by wishful thinking.

    The issue that you have is how to progress from here, whilst a case in the High Court against IAG would probably cause a settlement, IAG have a lot to lose here so would defend it very vigorously. I also presume you would not have the funding for such an action.

    I therefore suggest an application to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) for an independent review of the blackmail case which is also based on deception. The application itself is likely to cause the CCRC to react by referring the whole matter and that should put IAG in an impossible position.

  2. This case is rotten from the very start to the unsatisfactory end.

    IAG have manipulated every detail against you totally illegally, Judges influenced and juries bought without a doubt.

    The entire event, should be subject to a judicial review but even then I suspect IAG would corrupt the result in some way.

    I guess the press are scared of losing IAG’s advertising revenue so keep mute and the government probably won’t act against one of the largest taxpayers in NZ.

    Keep fighting, every wrongful action you expose is one more brick in the wall that you are building around IAG, it hasn’t got far to go before they are surrounded by their endless deceit!

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